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When a human looks for a home, they look for certain things that they know will satisfy their human needs.  Same goes for the DOG, however, with a dog they don’t get to give you a list of requirements that you can check off to make sure they have an adequate and necessary home.  They TRUST that as a human (smartest specie on earth) we  will automatically do that.  (Truth be told, they know WE are not the smartest species on earth but they let us think we are since they know how important it is for us.)

Their needs are very basic and simple.  A home that is dog friendly but more important dog livable, which means; their Humans are active people who will exercise and socialize dogs daily, who will keep ground rules and behaviors intact, who will allow a dog to be a dog and not try to turn them into a four legged human.  Homes that allow them to have access to healthy food, clean water, lots of activity and bathroom freedom such as access to the yard. A home that will always give proper nutrition and health care to the animal at all times.  A home that has a way out if an emergency should arise and no human is home to protect them.   A home that is safe, healthy and life long.  A home that is fit for a dog and a human to both live together in where both dog and humans needs are met in a balanced manner.  

A home that accepts that a dog is a dog but still a family member.  Respectful, caring, loving and safe.  A place that a dog would never want to leave but tell all the other dogs about how lucky it is to have it as their home.

  • Clean backyard (daily)
  • Clean water (daily)
  • Fed healthy nutritional food (daily)
  • Exercised and socialized (daily)
  • Appropriate sleeping area
  • Ground rules and behaviors (daily)
  • Respect and appreciation (daily)
  • Safe & clean (daily)
  • Loving and happy when greeted (daily)
  • Proper medical and health care (annually and when needed)
  • Trusting and loyal as they are to you (daily)

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