Doggidy Doo Sustaining Member Program 2023


Doggidy Doo needs 25 sustaining donors to give $100 monthly to help with ongoing operations. People are giving less these days while prices are going up. Occasional fundraisers are no longer sufficient, and this is having a drastic effect on our ability to see to the basic needs of our sanctuary dogs. If you can’t give $100/month, ANY amount helps.

Food alone costs $1000/month. This doesn’t include supplements, medications, or veterinary care. Total expenses are $2250/month without veterinary emergencies, while with our fundraisers, our donations have averaged out as $1000/month. The math is devastating!

With 25 sustaining donors giving $100 per month, we can continue to provide a home to our sanctuary dogs long-term.

We are a registered 501(c)(3), EIN 46-5030241. Tax receipts for donations over $20.

Two ways to set up recurring donations:

1. Zelle to, click “Change” beside the calendar and select the frequency and starting date. We pay no fees this way.

2. Click on the PayPal button from our website at and check “Make this a monthly donation”. Doggidy Doo will pay fees of 2.2% for each donation.

For other donation options please email


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If you can’t give anything now, you CAN help by sharing this post, commenting on it, or “love/heart”-ing it.

We are thrilled with any one-time donations you can give!

We get NO government funding! To qualify for government funding we must reach $50,000 in donations and in our 10-year history we have never come close to this goal.

A dental costs $380. You can make a 1-time donation to cover a dental!

Ursula has been paying the difference out of her own personal pocket but this is no longer possible.

We can no longer do Facebook fundraisers since our move to Colorado. The IRS is behind in updating our info and the discrepancy between our new address and the info the IRS has on file has led to Facebook removing that capability for now.

Doggidy Doo Dog Rescue