Adoption Requirements

At Doggidy Doo, we have the best interests of our dogs at heart. The homes we place our dogs in must be loving, safe, healthy, and forever.  Before adopting, we will perform a house check to make sure that we are entrusting our dog to the best possible family. Our adopters must meet certain criteria to be eligible to adopt a dog.

  • We prefer that you already have a dog in the household. This is because we strongly believe dogs are pack animals. This may be waived for dogs that have been waiting a long time for a home.
  • You must be financially able to provide proper medical and health care annually and when needed. Responsible dog ownership can at times be expensive, especially in the case of emergency or illness, and for the safety of our dogs we will only select families who can afford to care for them responsibly.
  • You must submit to a home check to ensure the safety of our dogs.
  • You must come in person to pick up your dog. While we do consider out-of-state adoptions, you still must come to Las Vegas in person. We do not ship dogs and we will not allow a third party to pick up the dog, we must meet YOU.
  • You must be an active person who will exercise and socialize with the dogs daily.
  • You must be able to enforce appropriate ground rules and behavior.
  • You must feed your dog healthy, nutritional food and provide fresh, clean water.
  • Your household must be safe and clean, and the back yard must be regularly cleaned.
  • You must provide references from a veterinarian and four friends. (The veterinarian requirement may be waived if you do not currently have a dog and are adopting two dogs with us. We will suggest a veterinarian for you.)

Do you think you meet our requirements?


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If you have additional questions, please read our Frequently Asked Questions!

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