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Doggidy Doo is a 501(c)(3) registered non-profit located in Delta, Colorado that strives to ensure vulnerable abandoned animals are placed in happy, healthy homes where the human-animal bond is fostered.

We operated for 10 years in Las Vegas, Nevada and moved to our beautiful 35-acre facility in Delta in 2022. We still work with animal welfare organisations in Las Vegas.

We are a purpose not a business and our purpose is making dogs’ lives the best they can be.

At Doddigy Doo we strive to ensure that lost and abandoned animals are placed in happy, healthy homes, where the beauty of the human-animal bond can be fostered. As part of this effort, we strive to educate people about creating peaceful animal and human relationships. We believe that such education will lead to respect for the animal, safety for the human and a decline in the overabundance of stray animals, which can be burdensome on society and lead to animal cruelty and death.

Animals are not our property. We are entrusted to be their lawful caretakers. It is the Doggidy Doo mission to inspire and enable others to expand their hearts and minds to encourage community involvement in protecting lost and abandoned animals, and to join the fight against animal abuse.

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