What is your adoption fee?

Our adoption fee is up to your discretion. We are a non-profit who relies on your donations so that we can continue helping dogs. We do charge an adoption fee but you decide what is right for your financial situation.

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How do I adopt a dog?

First read our Adoption Requirements and then fill out and submit an Adoption Application. We will not consider any requests for adoption that are not accompanied by a fully completed application.

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I don’t have a dog yet. Can I still adopt a dog from you?

We STRONGLY believe that dogs are pack animals and should not be alone. We will only waive the requirement if you are adopting two dogs. We do often have bonded pairs available that cannot be separated.

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Where can I meet the dogs?

Doggidy Doo does not have a public facility. We can arrange meetings with the dog you are interested in once you fill out our Application for Adoption and are pre-approved.

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Are all your dogs on this site?

NO! We do have other dogs that are not on the website, and we have close contacts with other rescues and are aware of many other dogs that are available for adoption. If you are looking for a specific type of dog that you cannot find in our section of Adoptable Dogs, please do fill out our Application for Adoption and let us know what kind of animal you are searching for.

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Can I adopt if I don’t live in Colorado? Do you ship animals?

We do occasionally adopt out-of-state. In this case, we will conduct our home inspection by video.  You must still come in person for your dog. We do NOT ship animals.

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What are the Adoption Requirements?

Our biggest adoption requirement is that the dog you adopt cannot be the only dog in the household. The others can be read here.

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I sent in an application and you never answered me. Why?

This happens when:

  1. You didn’t type in your email address correctly on the application. We have gotten several like this.
  2. An application comes in that clearly does not meet the Adoption Requirements that you must read before you send in the application.  Usually it is because you don’t have any other dogs, when our major requirement is that the dog not be the only dog in the household.

If you meet all requirements and did not hear from us within a few days, please reach out. We are human and may have missed you.

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How do you choose who gets a dog?

First, all applicants must fully meet all Adoption Requirements and fully complete an Adoption Application. If these criteria have been met, we must then make a subjective decision on which family would be the very best for the dog. Sometimes these are hard choices!  We do our very best for all concerned.

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Where are you located? Where are the dogs?

Our facility is in Delta, Colorado and most of the dogs are here with us. However, we operated for 10 years out of Las Vegas, NV until our move to Colorado in 2022, and we still have close ties with various organizations in Las Vegas. Occasionally, we will place a dog who is with one of our fosters or a vet in Las Vegas.

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