Thank you for your application!

Thank you for taking the time to submit our Application for Adoption! We appreciate your willingness to give one of our dogs a forever home.

What Next?

We must review all applications for this dog and select the very best family for this particular dog. Sometimes we get multiple applications for the same dog and it is an extremely hard decision to make! We can take up to 3 weeks to make a decision, as we keep the applications open to allow our dogs the best chance at finding the perfect family. PLEASE NOTE: it does happen that we receive many applications and none of them is right for the dog…in that case, the dog will remain available.

How We Choose a Family

First and foremost, you must meet all Adoption Requirements that you read before you submitted the application. We get many applications that don’t meet the requirements – mostly they are people who do not already have a dog in the home. If you answered “no” to this question, we must reject your application. We STRONGLY believe that dogs are pack animals and must have another doggie friend in their daily lives.

If you already have a dog, we look at your lifestyle and dog experience. From there, we make a decision on that particular dog’s needs. Each dog’s needs are different and our selections can be very personal.  Please understand that our first consideration must always be to place our dogs in the very best home for THEM.

If You Get “Rejected”

If you did meet all the requirements and did not get selected, don’t despair! **Don’t take it as a rejection** but rather as a determination that based on our intimate knowledge of each individual dog, we felt that a different family would be a better fit. Sometimes to choose between two families is an extremely difficult decision for us. It is gut-wrenching for us to have to tell a good family that they can’t have our dog.

If you don’t have a dog and your dog will remain the only dog in the family, please see the Animal Foundation website. They are located in Henderson, NV. They have many animals available and do not require you to already have a dog.

The good news is THIS MEANS THAT YOUR FOREVER DOG IS STILL OUT THERE! We encourage you to keep trying, and check back often to see our other Adoptable Dogs. Also, go like our Facebook Page and make sure to set your notifications for “All Posts” so that you never miss a new dog. We promise we do not post too frequently.


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